Goto Gas Apps – Take a sneak preview on our video

Welcome to Goto Gas Apps

Our new app currently contains over 7,000 boiler, fire, cooker and other gas appliance installation, fault finding and servicing manuals.
You can easily view manufacturers’ manuals directly from our cloud or easily synchronise them direct to your mobile device so you can view them when not on the internet.
We are continually adding various manufacturers’ manuals to the library to increase available downloads.
Currently we are looking to also add over 1,000 electrical wiring and heating control manuals that we have in our other libraries.

What types of manuals are in the Goto Gas Apps library?

Installation Manuals
Customer User Manuals
Servicing Manuals
Parts Lists
Fault Finding
Service Data Sheets
Appliance Sales Brochures
Electrical wiring and heating control manuals (Coming soon!)

Why not take a peak, the Goto Gas App is free to download so you can check it out. If you would like to also download the manuals as a trial, you can take the opportunity subscribe, view and download as the first 7 days are also free.
After 7 days you will be given the opportunity to subscribe to the app at a cost of ÂŁ1.99 a month which will continue until you wish to cancel.
So, for under 50 pence you can have access to a growing library of manuals which you can view or download for your favourites or to view in poor signal areas.Goto Gas Apps



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